What is the Best Day of Week for Date Night?

Lets say you meet a girl either online or in-person.. you get her number.. you set up date..

Question: which day of the week is the best to go on the date?

I used to assume the weekend was the best date nights.. either Friday or Saturday night..


Popular pickup expert Jon Sinn did lots of analysis of this..

He found that the best day of the week to go on a date was TUESDAY..

It was the day with the best chance of the girl not flaking (AKA canceling at the last minute) and the date ending with sex..

He found that the 2nd best day is Wednesday and the 3rd best day is Monday..

Why these days? Why not the weekend?

It’s because girls are busy on the weekends..

They have a lot of plans already.. so maybe they can pencil you in for a quick date, but there’s a better chance that they will not show up or they will have something planned after the date..

That means there’s less chance that the date will lead to sex that night..

This makes sense.. for example, there’s a movie theater by my house that has $5 movie night..

Guess what night of the week is $5 movie night? It’s TUESDAY..

Business is slow on Tuesdays and they want to get people in the door.. many bars and restaurants have similar deals on Tuesdays..

You want to plan your dates for when business is slow for the girl.. then you can be her top priority and focus…

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Hope this helps..

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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