Bill Burr Claims Male Feminists Are Pathetic, Limp Dicks Trying To Get Pussy in His New Netflix “Paper Tiger” Special

Netflix creates some of the most polictically correct shows and movies there are. Then they put out stand-up specials where popular comedians rip on polictically correct culture. It’s kind of f*cked up if you ask me.

Netflix’s most recent comedy special is Bill Burr’s “Paper Tiger”. This comes just weeks after their last conroversial Dave Chappelle “Sticks and Stones” comedy special.

“Paper Tiger” dropped early this morning. I haven’t had a chance to watch it. But some quotes from it are already making waves on Twitter. Here’s one about male feminists.

“Anytime I hear a guy say ‘I’m a male feminist’, I always just think,’ that is the most pathetic, limp-dick way ever to try and get some pussy’. Right?”

I’m guessing his assertion is that the majority of male feminists are such for “ulterior motives”. They’re not doing it primarily because they feel that women are not proportionately represented. They are doing it because they think it will get them “points” from women.

This goes along the lines of what “nice guys” do. They try to sneak into girls’ pants by not being themselves. They think that they will earn the respect of women by catering to them and doing them favors. Sometimes it works. More often it doesn’t.

One of the most enlightening books I’ve read in the past year was Robert Glover’s “No More Mr. Nice Guy”*. He’s a marriage and family therapist who dissects the foundation of being a “nice guy”. He also describes how their logic is flawed. Many times they are not nice at all. Instead they are rage-filled assholes.

It’s a great read if you are a nice guy yourself or else if you’re a woman who has encountered manipulative nice guys. It explains how to deal with “nice guys” and how to stop being a “nice guy” yourself. You can go get it at Amazon here*.

I might have more to say about Bill Burr’s special after I watch it. I’ve enjoyed his podcasts in the past though.

Let me know what you think about “Paper Tiger” or his comments about male feminists in the comments below.

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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