How to block out and avoid being blocked out yourself

football blockingLucky Charms is a reader who often leaves interesting comments. Here’s one that he left yesterday:

“…I saw what has to be the worst or funniest AMOG move over the weekend. I was working this cutie at a bar and things were going very well except like every couple minutes this idiot kept coming in and trying to block me with his body. So every time he left I kept working and stacking and back he came again(obviously worried). It got to the point where he came in and got right in her face and literally was laying on her back to stop my progress. Later I found out that she was actually with him and when she got up to leave she slipped her number to me. I just thought it was funny to see the extent some men will go to to impede your progress…”

What Lucky is describing is blocking out using body positioning.

Since he brought up alpha males, let me describe this in the animal kingdom.

In wolf packs, the alpha male does much of the killing and eats first. When the pack is eating, they will all position their bodies to block out the lower value omega male. Eventually the omega male will accept the fact that he eats last but in return he has to do very little of the actual hunting and killing.

Similarly lets say you approach a mixed set. If your target is the kill then you can only expect the matriarchs, boyfriend and orbiters to do their damnedest to block you out of the set. It happens to me on a nightly basis.

They are trying to keep you out and lower your value.

That is why body positioning is so important. You want to enter the set in a way that it is hard for others to block you out and such that you are in the alpha position of the set.

Mystery is an advocate of actually moving the set around to put yourself in the most comfortable alpha position.

It seems like in Lucky’s case the boyfriend was putting himself in an uncomfortable position trying so hard to block him out to the extent that he actually made himself lower value. I can only imagine he pulled his girl out of the venue at the end which was probably what he should have done earlier if he was so insecure about Lucky’s advances.

To be a good PUA, you are going to have to learn to be good at both offense and defense in regards to blocking.

Here are some recent experiences I’ve had

When I was at spring break, my wing opened a set that was already partially opened by another group of guys. The other guys were complete douche bags. One of those girls actually broke away from one of the guys and gave me the “save me from this chump” look.

Basically I made her face me and locked my hands around her back and started opening her. The dude kept on trying to talk to her and give her kino but he was basically outside in the cold peering in through the window while we were both inside by the fire. The chumps accepted their omega status and left, my wing held the set and I was making out with the girl within minutes.

Another time I went into a bar by myself and sat on a stool next to the hottest girl. Her boyfriend was on the other side of her. I was really vibing with the girl and she was giving me lots of kino. The boyfriend just sat drinking his beer by himself. I eventually left to go to another bar so it was no big deal but I think I would have still found a way to switch stools with the girl if I was him.

I opened a set at the other bar and one of the girls asked me what was on my pant leg. Here the girl who was with her boyfriend at the other bar wrote her name and number on a Post-it note and stuck it on my thigh when I wasn’t paying attention. It really made me look good in that set to the point I’ve considered going out with that Post-it note stuck on different parts of my body like my back as a form of preselection peacocking. It would be similar to Mystery with lipstick on his neck.

If you want to learn more about blocking and body positioning I recommend reading Mehow’s Get The Girl! Manual. To see video of it happening and being dealt with check out Mehow’s Infield Exposed. Mehow was a student of Mystery and he seems to have taken a lot of Mystery’s concepts and advanced them.

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