Brad P. Presents the 30/30 Club

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I recently made a PUA Spotlight post about the dating, pickup and relationship coach Brad P PUA

Brad let me know he has started his “30/30 Club”.

It’s a 12 month self improvement program where you do a minimum of 30 approaches every 30 days.

You get several CDs and books from Brad, personalized coaching, and more.

I also did a Brad P Interview and he kicked ass in it. In it he gives more detail on the 30/30 Club.

Normally the 30/30 Club would cost you $67 per month… but I’ve got the inside scoop on how to get your first TWO months FREE!

Just order one of Brad’s audio programs or ebooks below and not only will you get that product for a SUPER LOW PRICE, you’ll also get either one or two FREE months of the 30/30 Club!!

Most of these products are much LESS than $67, so you’re basically getting the 30/30 Club at a discount PLUS a FREE ebook or audio program!!

That’s a hella-deal!

Here’s the ebooks and audio programs to choose from:

TWO FREE months of Brad’s 30/30 Club comes with:

* Underground Dating Seminar - CLICK HERE!

ONE FREE month of Brad’s 30/30 Club comes with these products:

* Brad’s Fashion Bible - CLICK HERE!

* Planning the Perfect Date - CLICK HERE!

* How To Beat Approach Anxiety - CLICK HERE!

* Crocodile Style AKA Brad’s Club Game - CLICK HERE!

* Instant Attraction - CLICK HERE!

* Interviews with Naturals - CLICK HERE!

* Pheromone Kid’s 10 Minute Seduction - CLICK HERE!

* Joe Natural Uncensored - CLICK HERE!

* Buzzy: Master of Threesomes - CLICK HERE!

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