Brad P PUA Picture and Video

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Brad P is very protective about having pictures or videos of him show up on the internet…

I can understand that…

So I found it odd when he mentioned a YouTube that he’s in…

The video is from a 1994 documentary about Wildwood, N.J. and Brad P looks like he is only 15 or 16 at the time…

Pre-PUA but he’s still peacocking like a mofo!

You’ll see what I mean in the video below (Brad’s the kid in the very beginning):

What a bunch of winners…

…oops, I mean DOUCHEBAGS!!!

Brad comes off as the ONLY sane one!

I love that “tough” girl with the shirt that has the cut out shoulders :-)

But seriously, was Brad P one of the members of Kid ‘n Play with that hair?!

You just gotta love early 90s fashion!!!

For what it is worth, Brad P looks very similar today with the exception of being even taller and dressing like an emo-haired Criss Angel

Speaking of fashion, you might want to check out Brad’s ebook the Brad P Fashion Bible if you want to look good and attract women in 2010

When you’re done reading it… hop in your DeLorean, throw some plutonium in the flux capacitor and give it to these people to read!

Speaking of Wildwood, N.J…

If you are a fan of MTV’s Jersey Shore like I am, it’s filmed in Seaside Heights which is 90 miles north of Wildwood. These both appear to be coastal tourist towns that are big during the summer.

I’m thinking about spending my summer there, WHO WIT ME?

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Brad P PUA Pictures

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