PUA Spotlight: Brad P.

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From time to time I want to bring light upon gurus or dating coaches that aren’t talked about much who I think should be.

Brad P. PUA is a guru that often flies under the radar in the seduction community.

Brad P. doesn’t do many interviews. There are no videos or pictures of him. His name is not flashy. His website seem rather generic but let me tell you that what he has to say is far from generic.

My first chance of listening to him was when he was featured on David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating Interviews with Dating Gurus CD. I was blown away.

First things first, he is an exceptional speaker. His voice is easy to listen to and he speaks in a fluid manner. I can absorb what he is saying quite easily.

Brad P. is exceptional at identifying with the listener. He admits he had problems with women and he shares how he was able to overcome them.

I also could tell that Brad P. was great at understanding how women think. He dissects the social structure of women and their reasoning for doing what they do. Not since the first time I heard Mystery have I been so blown away by a guru’s ability to logically explain the seemingly illogical actions of women.

I like the fact that Brad P. is so sheltered but as a repercussion he is a hard guy to promote. I have been fortunate enough to have experienced some of his products but unlike with Mehow, there are very few samples I can find to offer you.

You can go to his site Brad P Presents and download a free 71 page preview of his book “The Adventures of Brad P.” He describes it as “the XX version of The Game”.

I recommend that you take a chance with him. You will be glad you did.

Some of his products that I recommend are:

- Brad’s Fashion Bible

- Planning the Perfect Date

- The Adventures of Brad P

So click here to visit his site for more info…

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