Breaking The Urinal Rules

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Ryan Clauson is the author of the Listen Act Attract program to teach college men how to become more successful with women…

He’s also a comedian…

Here’s a short comedy skit with Ryan breaking every urinal etiquette that there is…

OK… that’s a bit GAY!

I like to consider myself a funny guy…

…BUT you will NOT see me grabbing another guy’s ass or stroking his thigh in just our boxers for the SAKE OF COMEDY…

The world can go WITHOUT humor if it ever comes down to that!

I kid, I kid… Ryan is a great actor!!! He did a great job acting GAY in this video!

…It was VERY convincing… he seemed like a “natural” at it :)

I’m just kidding once again!!! What can I say, he set himself up for this little ribbing!

If you want to check out Ryan’s audio program then click here

Do it now while I go and scrub my eyes with peroxide…

UPDATE: Ryan interviewed me as part of his new “The Powerful Man” program. He also interviewed David Wygant, Ross Jeffries, Carlos Xuma, Christian Hudson and 6 more dating experts. You can get all 17 hours of interviews along with his Listen Act Attract program at a super low price by clicking here.

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