All that matters is the present

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David Wygant made a recent post called “Stop counting lovers!” It is about how you should quit keeping score of all the girls you slept with in your life. I totally agree with him.

All that matters is the present. I see way too many guys who sulk about not fucking more women when they were in their teens or twenties. Quit crying over spilled milk and focus on today! I also hear guys who brag about fucking hundreds of women but I’m the one who ends up going home with one later in the night while he pathetically tries to bird dog her away from me. Britney Spears lost virginity at age 14

Perez Hilton (a guilty read of mine) made a post blasting Britney Spears about lying about being a virgin when she wasn’t one. Who fucking cares when Britney, or for that matter when anyone, lost their virginity as long as it was consensual? She lied to preserve her wholesome image to sell more records. I would have done the same.

At the present, the age at which you lost your virginity is irrelevant. It might be a good selling point saying that you lost your virginity in your 20’s if you are trying to sell a seduction ebook but otherwise it is meaningless. Don’t be bothered by it and don’t brag about it.

I see too many people living in the past. They remind me of Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite. They are wasting the present.

I see too many people putting off until the future. You’re name isn’t Annie so quit singing about “Tomorrow”. You are wasting today.

Now if I could only stop wasting the present by reading crappy celebrity gossip blogs I would have it made!

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