Cajun and Tenmagnet Pick Up Artist Podcast: Power of Silence

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Here’s the third Cajun and Tenmagnet video podcast…

This one’s about the power of silence…

Part 1:


Part 2:


Seriously, what the f**k is up with Cajun’s outfit?!

He looks like Dennis Hopper in “Easy Rider”!

Oh well…

I didn’t think the topic was all that great this time. It seems like they may be reserving the best topics for their Love Systems Interview Series episodes, which I guess only makes sense.

So if you want to hear more of this deadly duel then check out volumes 24 and 32 of the interview series…

Volume 24 involves Tenmagnet and Cajun talking about jealousy plotlines…

While volume 32 is about role plays…

They each appear on several other volumes but not together, so check out all the volumes on this page.

Click here to listen to the first 10 minutes of each volume…

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