Cajun PUA Interview about Beyond Words Body Language & Kino Tips

Cajun, the pickup artist, is a lead instructor with Love Systems and is best known for his appearance on Keys To The VIP

So what has he been up to since then?

Well, Cajun’s teamed up with Vercetti (another Love Systems PUA) to produce the Beyond Words Body Language and Physical Escalation DVD Home Study Course

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Here’s a Cajun PUA Interview where he gives some body language and kino tips… and gives a preview of the Beyond Words DVD

Cajun PUA Love SystemsWhat is the Beyond Words Body Language DVD Home Study Course about?

A lot of guys ask me for body language tips so they can better approach and attract women. It’s hard to show it to them because it is something you have to see. A lot of body language is very subtle and that is hard to convey in text. You can read about body language in books but it’s not the same as when you can visually see it.

A couple months ago I flew to London to work with Vercetti (PUA), who is a trained Shakespearean actor and fellow Love Systems coach, to make this Beyond Words Body Language DVD home study course. We wanted to share our newest and proven methods to attract women using non-verbal communication.

Instead of writing a book, we decided to make a DVD because you can visually learn how to improve your body language. With help of Mr M, Keychain and 5.0 we also made an extra segment on physical escalation and kino tips. Again, touching and physical escalation can be better taught by using video.

Why is body language so important?

A lot of guys think what you say is the most important thing when it comes to attracting women. That couldn’t be further from the truth. It doesn’t matter what you say, it is how you say it. With the “how” I mean your tone of voice, facial expressions, body language, and what we call “subcommunications” and “subtext”.

In the Beyond Words Body Language DVD set we cover all these aspects and explain in depth why your non-verbal communication is much more important than your verbal. Scientific studies have shown that most communication between people is non-verbal. In this clip below I tell why non-verbal communication is important (a sneak preview of the Beyond Words Body Language DVD):

This and a lot more is revealed on the Beyond Words Body Language DVD.

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Can you give some body language tips that someone can use immediately?

The simplest thing you can do today is to work on your posture. In the Beyond Words Body Language DVD we cover the Alexander technique on how that can improve your posture dramatically. Trained actors use this all the time.

Girls will reject you before you even approach if you have bad posture, because it subcommunicates a lot of bad things about you. This goes especially for guys who sit in a cramped cubicles and work on computers.

A simple posture tip is to exercise by doing squats and row exercises at the gym. Also, be conscious of your posture when sitting. Don’t slouch, sit tall and keep your back erect. (*haha… he said “erect” :-) *) If you buy a workout Swiss ball and use that as your chair behind your desk, you will be forced to sit up straight and it will fix your posture too.

Anything else you want to share Cajun?

I’m really excited about the Beyond Words Body Language DVD set. Finally I’ve been able to reveal all my body language and physical escalation secrets that I normally only teach on my workshops and 1-on-1 sessions. This DVD is one of a kind and you can finally learn the proper physical attributes to easier meet and attract women.

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