Invite your friends to be critical of you

I recommend asking your friends routinely for advice. In particular in regards to what they think you are doing wrong.

They know what your strengths are and they know what your weaknesses are. They’ll tell you your strengths but they often won’t tell you your weaknesses.

It isn’t because they are selfish or don’t want to help you become better, it is because they know you probably can’t handle the truth.

This was the case with me. Whenever someone told me the truth about myself that was the least bit critical I became defensive and irate. I took it as an unfair attack on me. My friends realized they caused more drama than good by pointing out what I should be working on.

Finally three years ago I decided I was going to ask my friends for advice and I was going to take what they said to heart.

I asked a female friend what my problem is when I go to clubs. She said I get too drunk and I turn into a creepy stalker. I went home and looked at some pictures of myself when I was drunk and she was RIGHT ON.

I cut back my alcohol consumption and seen immediate results.

I also had some friends look at this blog and give me advice to make it better. They came up with some issues with it that I never even thought about. They were right about the problems with it and with an hours worth of changes this site will be much more reader friendly thanks to their input.

Sometimes we live life with blinders on. These friends can see stuff that you can’t. Use them to your advantage.

Sometimes help is a lot closer than you think.