Caros Xuma The Advanced Audio Coaching Program Series

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The Advanced Coaching program is the essential cement to ensure that guys stay on the path to being an Alpha Man. It is Carlos Xuma coaching program…

Imagine attending a regular seminar every month with an experienced dating consultant that would give you specific how-to information on improving your dating and sex life.

Also, imagine that this expert would provide you with the concrete skills to advance and get what you want from women…

That’s what the Advanced Coaching program does for you!

Each month, the subscriber gets over 100 minutes of top-quality advice on every imaginable dating topic, as well as life-coaching tips on areas like confidence, personal finance, lifestyle, etc.

Subscribers also get bonus audio and a VIDEO segment each month as well, along with a bonus e-book with more priceless tips and strategies.

First-time subscribers also get 8 bonus items with their enrollment.

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