Earn cash back by using a rebate site

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I personally try to use a rebate site any time I make an online purchase.

These sites work by paying you a part of the affiliate percentage that they get for you clicking through the links on their site to make purchases.

For example if you click on a link through their site to Priceline.com to buy a $500 plane ticket, they get 2% of your purchase for referring you ($10)  and then they give 1.5% ($7.50) of it back to you and keep 0.5% ($2.50) for themselves.

Each store has a different percentage that you get back, for example BestBuy.com is 1%, Priceline is 2% and Overstock.com is 4%.

Most of them have a minimum of $10 to $25 of accumulated cash back from purchases before you can request a check.

But as an added bonus, they give you $5 free in your account just for joining.  This means you only need to accumulate $5-$20  of cash back before you can get a check.

  • Join Ebates today and get $10 free added to your account.  After today it will be back to a $5 free bonus.
  • Join Cashbaq and get $5 free added to your account
  • Join Mr. Rebates and get $5 free added to your account

I highly recommend giving these sites a try.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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