Casting for Season 2 of “Keys to the VIP”

If you are not familiar with the show “Keys to the VIP”, it is a reality show filmed in Toronto shown on TCN in Canada and Fuse TV in the US. It involves two pick up artists battling each other to be the most successful at opening women in a club in different situations. I find it to be fairly entertaining.

They are now casting for the second season.

Here are their stipulations:

  • must be 19-25
  • NON-Union
  • handsome
  • suave
  • extremely confident
  • believe they are adept at getting the girl

I think the age and “handsome” restrictions are complete fucking bullshit but I guess no one wants to watch some fat balding 35 year-old compete even if he can blow out some cocky ripped 21 year-old. It doesn’t make for “good TV” I guess.

I would like to see someone who was not a natural, learned seduction, and fits their stipulations blow out some blow hard.

Anyway, if you fit their mold and are interested then email pictures of yourself, the reason why you would make great TV, contact information, a resume with biographical information to with “KEYS TO VIP” in the subject line.

Unfortunately I guess I’m too fucking old to get the keys to the VIP.

Whatever, the VIP is for douche bags anyway.

If you want more information on night club game, check out Mehow’s Get The Girl! Nightlife Edition ebook. It is full of useful techniques and information. I also recommend checking out his Infield Exposed DVD program full of hidden camera night club opening and approaches with the techniques used described in detail by him (check out some sample videos).

It’s casual,

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