A Quick Pricecut I Want To Let You Know About…

If you’re new here, you will want to sign up for my newsletter to get FREE dating ebooks and mp3s along with exclusive seduction tips and videos. Thanks for visiting!I like the teachings of Brad P… and I like it when things go DOWN in price!
So I’m happy to see Brad’s Underground [...]

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Changing Your Voice Tone To Attract Women

Here’s an article by Brad P about the voice tones that attract women…
Voice tone is even more important than the actual words you say when communicating with women. Women make all sorts of assumptions about you based on your tone of voice. Are you comfortable with yourself? Are you a powerful man? Are you a [...]

Kino Routine: Are You Nervous?

Here’s a new kino routine by Brad P…
A bunch of college girls I bummed a ride from in Iowa the other day introduced me to this game. It’s called “Are You Nervous.”
It goes like this- you put your hand on the girl’s leg (or she does it to you) and say “Are you nervous?” If [...]


Many considered Brad P the #1 PUA of 2008. Brad is well known for his ideas regarding fashion and sexy stereotypes. He has even come out with a popular ebook called “Brad’s Fashion Bible” where he teaches guys in great detail how to dress in a way that attracts women.
Here’s an article by [...]

2009 Masterful Lover Super Conference DVD Set by David Shade

David Shade just released an 11 DVD set containing the filmed footage from his first ever Masterful Lover Super Conference held back in January in Las Vegas.
Click here to see some video clips from it…
The speakers are a good mix and cover such topics as improving your sex life, acquiring the alpha male lifestyle, [...]