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This was no [...]

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David DeAngelo and Neil Strauss Interview Brad P. (audio)

Brad P is the author of The Adventures of Brad P., Brad’s Fashion Bible and Planning the Perfect Date.
Here’s a short clip from David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating Interviews with Dating Gurus with Brad P…
[Audio clip: view full post to listen]
Here’s also a short clip of Neil Strauss interviewing Brad P…
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Brad’s Fashion Bible review

The seasons are changing so I decided to go through my winter clothes from last season and laughed at what I saw…
I really needed some new fashionable clothes.
I decided before going shopping that this would be a good time to read Brad P.’s Fashion Bible.

Here’s the author’s overview on the products sales page:
* Do you [...]

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I finally uploaded yesterdays Brad P interview as a MP3…
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Guru Interview: Brad P. (audio)

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to
interview Brad P, the legendary pick-up artist.
Click on the icon below to listen to a 10-minute preview of the interview:
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