Carlos Xuma Day Game Interview (Audio)

If you’re new here, you will want to sign up for my newsletter to get FREE dating ebooks and mp3s along with exclusive seduction tips and videos. Thanks for visiting!Carlos Xuma just released his new program Real Alpha Daygame.
It seems like a lot of guys had bad feelings about day game. [...]

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Carlos Xuma Day Game Questions and Answers (video)

Carlos Xuma will be releasing his new program Real Alpha Day game this Thursday.
Here’s a seminar video by Carlos where he answers some of the most popular questions about day game and approaching women.
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You can find more information about the program by clicking here…

How to Ask a Girl for a Date by Carlos Xuma

Carlos Xuma is a dating coach that I’m a big fan of. I recommend his program The Alpha Man Conversation & Persuasion Program to anyone who is interested in him.
Here’s an article by him describing how to set up a date with a girl… yes, a “date”!
Let me just say “day 2″ [...]

Carlos Xuma on How to go from a Needy to a Confident Man

Carlos Xuma is a dating coach that I’m a big fan of.
Here’s a lengthy but rock solid article by him describing the social conditioning that men have endured all their life which has left them confused with women and how to break free from it!
Yes - No - Maybe?
by Carlos Xuma
I was talking the [...]

A Brief Introduction to Carlos Xuma and his Dating Dynamics Products

Carlos Xuma is a very interesting dating coach that I’ve neglected to talk about on eSeduce in the past.
After recently studying his teachings I think his teachings are right on in many aspects.
Carlos contends that men in the post-feminist era lack advantage with women in terms of socialization. Due to the proliferation of media images [...]