Christian Hudson & Nick Sparks Talk About Sex & Relationships (Video)

If you’re new here, you will want to sign up for my newsletter to get FREE dating ebooks and mp3s along with exclusive seduction tips and videos. Thanks for visiting!Here’s Christian Hudson & Nick Sparks from The Social Man addressing a question regarding sex and relationships…
Be forewarned… there’s a few F-bombs and [...]

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Coming Tomorrow…

Hey guys,
Christian Hudson contacted me a while back about doing a weekly Q&A video on this site with his fellow The Social Man colleague Nick Sparks…
My initial thought was…
Well, Christian finally sent me the first video today…
I watched it, and have to say it is pretty solid!
These guys aren’t [...]

Nick Sparks Interview

The Social Man is a dating company for men focused on making men stronger and more successful socially.
The company is lead by the team of Christian Hudson, the shrewd business man, and Nick Sparks, the “hands-on” instructor.
Christian and Nick have planned on putting out a major product of their own for some time but they [...]

Christian Hudson Talks About Unbreakable Confidence and Game (Video)

Here’s Christian Hudson of The Social Man with a secret on how to develop unbreakable confidence and game…
You can learn more about his new Unbreakable program by clicking here….
Watch the video below (or click here to see it if it doesn’t show up)…

You can watch more videos of his at his Become Unbreakable blog [...]

Nick Sparks new Become Irresistible program

Nick Sparks is going to start a program called Become Irresistible this coming Tuesday, November 18th.
It consists of four weeks of online classes and homework, followed by a 4-day bootcamp in New York from December 11th to 14th.
The primary focus of the program is to help men develop comfort and competence with sexual [...]