How to Have Your Best Night Ever by Mark Redman

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Conquer Your Campus now comes with a Nick Sparks Masters Program Interview

The college school year is off and running and soon it will be homecoming… then Halloween. These were the two biggest party days of the school year for me.
Why not get yourself ready by getting your copy of Conquer Your Campus? Check out my Conquer Your Campus review if you yet haven’t.
Mark Redman [...]

Social Momentum

Christian Hudson of The Social Man has recently started a new subscription program called Social Momentum.
It seems like every seduction company has to have their own monthly subscription service, from Vin DiCarlo Mastermind to Brad P. 30/30 Club to David DeAngelo Interview with Dating Gurus to Mehow Infield Insider…

Conquer Your Campus Bootcamp

It looks like Nick Sparks and Christian Hudson of The Social Man are offering a bootcamp based on Mark Redman and Christian’s popular Conquer Your Campus ebook. Check out the ebook if you yet haven’t. With the new school year coming soon, now is a good time to get prepared.
The upcoming Conquer [...]

5 Mistakes Men Make When Approaching Women

Christian Hudson worked with Mark Redman to produce Conquer Your Campus and now he has released Hidden Mic Pickups, which features live, hidden mic audio of dates and pickups.
Here’s a mailbag article by Christian about the top five mistakes men make when approaching women:
Hi Christian, I absolutely LOVE Hidden Mic Pickups! But I have [...]