Mehow Attacks the Natural Game Gurus

If you’re new here, you will want to sign up for my newsletter to get FREE dating ebooks and mp3s along with exclusive seduction tips and videos. Thanks for visiting!After a year of natural game gurus attacking routine based game with little to no retaliation; a routine game guru FINALLY has defended [...]

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The Mirror Approach Exercise by Mehow

Mehow is one of the most respected gurus in the community and his Get the Girl! Manual and Infield Exposed program have been highly successful.
In this article he shares an easy technique to practice at home to perfect your approach…
“The Mirror Approach Exercise” by Mehow
This is how you get the perfect ‘Heeeeyyyyy!’ on the [...]

What is a “Life Coach”?

Lately I’ve seen a lot of people within and riding the skirts of the seduction community referring to themselves as a “Life Coach”.
This brought up a big question to me:
What the fuck is a “life coach”?!?
It sounds professional but is it really worthy of the recognition or just a bunch of bullshit.
Now I know Wikipedia [...]

Mehow’s Ass Slap Routine from the PUA Summit

SirSlick recently posted some videos he took at the PUA Summit (get your tickets for the 2009 PUA Summit for $149) at his YouTube account.
Here’s a short video of Mehow demonstrating his ass slap routine:

This seems like a fun high energy routine. I can tell you from experience that getting a girl to slap [...]

PUA Summit

You can sign up for the 2009 PUA Summit for just $229 if you ACT NOW!

I think one of the best bargains around for live seminars is the 2009 Global Pick Up Artists Summit that is being held September 26 and 27 at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood, California.
Tickets are only $229 in advance for [...]