Fuji shares his experience during filming of the Dr. Phil Pick Up Artist episode

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You gotta love my elaborate use of Microsoft Paint in the graphic above!

Anyhow, some of the guys who worked for The Mystery Method [...]

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Mehow Answers the Direct vs. Indirect Game Question

Everyone has their own opinion about the Direct vs. Indirect game debate, just like with natural vs. method/routine game.
I admit that I never really understood the difference between the two until a few months back so I’m going to let a more seasoned vet in the area describe the differences and give his opinion.
Mehow is [...]

Mehow on how to deal with being caught as a pickup artist

Earlier today I discussed my experiences and conclusions about women calling you out about being a pickup artist. I didn’t go into greater detail because I think Mehow has covered it quite thoroughly already.
He explains the situations that he has been in and how he has dealt with them in the following story.
Since the [...]

Video of Mehow stacking routines

Here’s a video of Mehow running multiple routines on a two set:

Watch Video
Most of the routines involve lots of kino. An example is the routine where he took both of the girls’ hands and spelled letters with them.
He then made a disqualifier and went into a future adventure projection about them [...]

Mehow on Giving Value by Being the Value

Some of the problems I had in the past in regards to talking with women was that I was either boring on one extreme or the bar clown on the other.
I knew I had to give value but I couldn’t do it in a way that built attraction.
Mehow, the author of Get The Girl!, does [...]