David DeAngelo and Neil Strauss Interview Brad P. (audio)

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Here’s a short clip from [...]

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Radar Magazine shows us a picture of Neil Strauss’s new girlfriend Jackie

Radar Magazine gives us yet another smug and smarmy article about the seduction community with their coverage of Neil Strauss’s recent book tour stop for Rules of the Game.
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Ross Jeffries does a joint venture with Neil Strauss’s SyleLife

I respected Ross Jeffries up until today.
You see back in 1998 I read an article in Playboy about Ross and that introduced me to the seduction community. I never really got into his NLP stuff but I respected Ross and his teachings just the same. Ross was the King of the community at [...]

Neil Strauss shows up on Tom Green’s House Tonight live show

Neil Strauss was on Tom Green’s House Tonight show last night to promote his new book Rules of the Game. Neil doesn’t show up until 25:20 into it. The video is below:

At least one PUA guru can put Robbie Williams in his place

I just got a copy of Richard La Ruina’s (AKA Gambler) book “The Natural Art of Seduction“.
I have yet to start reading it but I read the following quote from the back cover and was amused.
‘Even Robbie Williams can’t beat Richard’
-Daily Star
If you are a Yank like me you might not know who Robbie Williams [...]