Pickup Lines For Guys vs. Ross Jeffries Patterns

If you’re new here, you will want to sign up for my newsletter to get FREE dating ebooks and mp3s along with exclusive seduction tips and videos. Thanks for visiting!Unknowing people may associate “pickup lines” with “pickup artists”… this couldn’t be farther from the truth…
Funny pickup lines like “is there a mirror [...]

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Ross Jeffries Needs To Feed His Cats!

Here’s a video of Ross Jeffries discussing the “satan worshiper” YouTube clip from the 80s that surfaced a year back…
I could care less about that, guess which words out of Ross’s mouth caught my attention…

The Best of Ross Jeffries Coaching Program, Volume 1

Good ol’ Ross Jeffries was hyping up a “major announcement” this morning…
What did it turn out to be you ask?
Is he getting married? Was he going to be a *real* father rather than just the self-proclaimed “Father Of Seduction”? (Hell, me may actually be a father already for all I know…)
NOPE! None [...]

Pickup Perfection Isn’t Needed To Be Successful

Here’s a quick story by Ross Jeffries with some motivation for this upcoming weekend…
Dear Speed Seduction® Student,
The other day, I was giving a consultation (it comes with your Speed Seduction┬« Home Study Course) to a student who was worried that he wasn’t putting all the elements of Speed Seduction┬« together in a very smooth or [...]

Ross Jeffries the Marketing Guru?!

If you didn’t know already, David Deanglo is now going by his real name of Eben Pagan and he has been putting out marketing and motivational seminars and products.
It appears that Ross Jeffries is following suit in trying to branch out from the seduction niche into the business/marketing niche…
Apparently he has a “Mindframe Persuasion” seminar [...]