Julien Blanc Peacocks by Dressing Like Teenage Girl

If you’re new here, you will want to sign up for my newsletter to get FREE dating ebooks and mp3s along with exclusive seduction tips and videos. Thanks for visiting!Last post, I licked Real Social Dynamic’s balls for how good their video production is lately..
Then they post this absolute shitshow of a [...]

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Real Social Dynamics removes Dating and Pickup Artist Advice from their YouTube Videos

Ever since Real Social Dynamics started straying away from dating advice, I’ve really stopped following them..
I don’t have an hour to spare to watch Owen Cook (forever RSD Tyler Durden to me) babble about woo-woo general self-help rhetoric..
But that being said, I’m still blown away by the production value for their videos..
In this video, Tyler.. [...]

RSD Julien Blanc Got Married

Wow, Real Social Dynamics is in a real transition lately…
They deleted their RSDNation message boards months ago…
And now they are deleting videos, distanced themselves from “men’s dating advice”, and eliminating the uniform “RSD” titles from all their YouTube and social media accounts…
Amongst all this, Julien Blanc got married… Yes, THAT Julien Blanc!
Remember “RSD Julien”? [...]

RSD Alex REVEALS Why He Left Real Social Dynamics (DRAMA ALERT!)

RSD Alexander left Real Social Dynamics last year. He now calls himself “Alex Social” and has created his own company, Alex Social Inc.
So what happened? No one from either side really talked about it. That was until Alex answered a few viewers questions in a video late last week.
In it, [...]

How To Escape The “Echo Chamber” Of Your Mind (RSD Julien & RSD Tyler)

RSD Julien Blanc is an instructor for Real Social Dynamics. Owen Cook AKA RSD Tyler is the co-creator & co-owner of Real Social Dynamics. They teach self-help and dating advice to men.
In this video, they talk about escaping the closed vacuum in your mind. Challenge yourself by taking in some new perspectives [...]