Scot McKay DESTROYS 6 Excuses Men Make For Not Being Successful With Women

If you’re new here, you will want to sign up for my newsletter to get FREE dating ebooks and mp3s along with exclusive seduction tips and videos. Thanks for visiting!Scot McKay is the author of the recently released The Master Plan program. Of note, Scot is now offering a new $7 [...]

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The Master Plan by Scot McKay Review

Scot McKay has just released a new highly publicized product today called “The Master Plan“.
I’m sick of products that are given vague names, show you a carefully made picture of 50 random “virtual” CD cases and boxes that probably don’t even exist, and hide the price until after you click the “Purchase It NOW” button…
So [...]

Scot McKay Interviews A Hot Girl On What Guys Can Do To Attract Girls Like Her

Here’s two separate videos by Scot McKay…
In the first video, Scot interviews a hot blond girl and asks her what guys can do to attract women like her…
Click here to watch Video 1… (make sure you sign up to the right of the video to watch 5 more videos)
In video 2, Scot says that “just [...]

How To Handle An Open Relationship

Here’s an article by Scot McKay on how to handle an open relationship and secure yourself as her number one “go-to” guy…
I strongly advocate dating several women at once. Life is way too short to be a “serial dater”.
I’ve shared with you in the past (particularly in Scot McKay The Leading Man) how you can [...]

Online dating advice by Scot McKay

Here’s a video of Scot McKay with some online dating advice…

Did he really just use the word “pwned”?!?
Also, is “be good” his “it’s casual”?!?
Anyway, I think this is pretty sound advice…
Online dating, like life, is about spending your time wisely. Answering a bunch of questions too early is a waste of time.
I [...]