How To Use The Power Of “Likeness” To Create Explosive Chemistry With a Woman

If you’re new here, you will want to sign up for my newsletter to get FREE dating ebooks and mp3s along with exclusive seduction tips and videos. Thanks for visiting!Here’s an article by Jon Sinn on how to use stealth “commonality” techniques to create attraction with women…
But first, if you haven’t gotten [...]

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3 Attraction Frames that get you LAID

Here’s a quick article by pickup artist Jon Sinn about 3 attraction frames that get good results with women…
Hey Man,
Frames are important when you’re learning to pick
up beautiful women. You use them in order to
control the situation. The person who controls
the frame is in charge, and whoever has the stronger
frame wins. [...]

3 Essential Sexual Frames Needed To Sleep With A Girl

Here’s a quick article by Jon Sinn where he explains 3 sexual frames needed to easily seduce girls…
Today I’m gonna share with you 2 very important sexual frames
that you must “install” throughout your conversation in order to
easily seduce girls.
Here they are:
1. She’s adventurous:
While talking to the girl you want to seduce, you need to
tell [...]

How To Ask Girls Questions

Here’s a quick article by Jon Sinn with some great advice on how to ask
girls questions without coming off as a boring low-value interrogator…
How To Ask Girls Questions
One of the biggest misunderstandings guys seem to have involving social skills is how and when to use questions.
What really dooms guys when asking questions is the follow-up.
Most [...]

Reverse Qualifications - PUA Term Definition & Examples

Here’s a quick article by Jon Sinn PUA explaining
the concept of reverse qualification…
Interesting stuff, make sure to check out
the link to his free video at the very end…
Today, I’m gonna be breaking down
the topic of Reverse Qualification.
Reverse Qualification is getting
a girl to qualify why she likes you
after getting her to qualify herself
to you.
This forces the [...]