How to have a threesome

If you’re new here, you will want to sign up for my newsletter to get FREE dating ebooks and mp3s along with exclusive seduction tips and videos. Thanks for visiting!Every man dreams about having a threesome…
And Vin DiCarlo Mastermind is focusing on just that topic this month…
Mastermind is Vin’s monthly subscription program…
And [...]

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Vin DiCarlo’s Mastermind dives into female psychology in August

Vin has given an outline of August’s Mastermind program and I must say that it looks VERY interesting.
It appears like he is going to focus heavily on female psychology.
Vin starts by saying that women categorize guys as either “In The Know (ITK)” or “Out The Know (OTK)”. Basically it sounds the [...]

Vin DiCarlo Mastermind Review

I’ve had people asking me about Vin DiCarlo’s Mastermind training program so I figured I’d make a post explaining and reviewing it.
UPDATE 2/26/10: Vin has just released a FREE ebook called “Pandora’s Box“…
click HERE to get your copy.
Who is Vin DiCarlo?
Vin DiCarlo used to be referred to as “Woodhaven” on the mASF forums back in [...]

The Attraction Code initial review and impressions

I haven’t had time to fully read Vin DiCarlo’s new ebook “The Attraction Code” but I would like to give a very brief review of my first impressions of it nonetheless.
The Attraction Code is graphically and visually appealing. It is well organized and put together. It does not jump around and confuse [...]

The Attraction Code book is finally available

Vin DiCarlo has finally made his new ebook “The Attraction Code” available for purchase. You can buy and then download it at this very second.
I listened to the last half of the teleclass last night and was very impressed by what Vin had to say.
I was a bit nervous about the eventual asking price [...]