Martha Stewart’s Sex Tips from Reddit AMA

If you’re new here, you will want to sign up for my newsletter to get FREE dating ebooks and mp3s along with exclusive seduction tips and videos. Thanks for visiting!Martha Stewart did a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything).
One person asked her for some sex advice.
Here’s the exchange:
Do you have any [...]

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Workaholics Adam DeVine & Blake Anderson Give Advice On How To Get Laid

There’s two things that I love… 1) Comedy Central’s Workaholics and 2) When stars give dating advice.
Thanks to an Esquire interview, those two things have come together like peanut butter and chocolate.
Here’s what they said when asked for their advice on how to get laid:
Blake: “If you can get a place that has a semi-working [...]

How NOT to React When Someone Makes Fun of You

How should you react when someone makes fun of you?
There’s 5 choices:
1) Get angry, say nothing
2) Get angry, make a spiteful retort
3) Laugh it off, give them props
4) Laugh it off, return a witty jab while smiling
5) Completely ignore it
Of those options, 1 + 2 are how NOT to react when someone makes fun of [...]

SNL’s Boy Dance Party - Guy’s “Shake That Sack!” (Video)

Tell me if this sounds familiar guys…
You go to a night club and start grinding on some hot girl on the dance floor… when one of her friends swoops in, pulls her away, and says “this is girl’s night out, NO BOYS!”
Well bros, it’s time for us to have our own “boy only” dance party. [...]

Wear SEXY Clothes, Not COMFORTABLE Clothes

I’ve loved Saturday Night Live parody ads ever since I was a kid… and this past weekend they took a stab at the horrible fashion choices of middle-aged men…
In a fake New Balance ad, Zach Galifianakis and two other out-of-shape guys in their late 30’s and 40’s professed their love for their cross training shoes…
Watch [...]