More To Love Reality Show: Who Wants To Watch “The Bachelor” With Overweight People?

If you’re new here, you will want to sign up for my newsletter to get FREE dating ebooks and mp3s along with exclusive seduction tips and videos. Thanks for visiting!Tonight is the finale of The Bachelorette… a show where a hot petite girl chooses from a slew of hunky guys.
Tonight is also [...]

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The Pick Up Artist S3 CANCELLED?

During a recent Sinn and the Cities podcast, Sinn interviewed Speer about Project Miami…
Apparently Mystery, Matador, Speer, Lovedrop and other current and former Venusian Arts instructors were a part of it.
Out of the blue Speer mentioned that there would be NO “The Pickup Artist Season 3“…
He cited Kosmo, the winner of Season 1 and current [...]

Video of Nick Braddock & Savoy of Love Systems on Tyra

Here’s the video of Savoy & Braddock of Love Systems on The Tyra Banks Show “The Secret Code of Men” Episode…

If you saw the episode and want to learn their system, I recommend their Magic Bullets ebook. It’s their most comprehensive and popular product. Learn more about it here.
So what did you think?
I [...]

Tyra Banks Show “The Secret Code of Men” Episode with Love Systems’ Savoy and Braddock PUA

The Tyra Banks Show Love Systems episode with Love Systems‘ Savoy and Braddock is finally airing this Friday, July 17th (UPDATE: Watch the Tyra Banks Love Systems video here).

The episode is called “The Secret Code of Men” and involves trying to crack “The Bro Code” that men live by. I can only imagine this [...]

Savoy’s preview of The Tyra Banks Show Episode

Love Systems has just released their Routines Manual Vol. 2…
…and in June Savoy and Braddock will be appearing on The Tyra Banks Show.
Things are looking good for them!
I hit up Savoy again trying to squeeze out any pre-air dirt that I could get about the upcoming Tyra Show episode…
…and here’s the couple questions I got [...]