The Best Condom Commercial Ever

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Twix “How To Score A Mega-Hottie” UCLA Bookstore Commercial

Last night I saw a Twix commercial on TV where two guys were reading a PUA-like book titled “How To Score A Mega-Hottie” in the UCLA Bookzone…
Well, you can watch it below and my rant will follow…

What a fucking cocksucker!!!
This bastard totally sold out his wingman…
If I was his buddy, that would mean WAR!!!
That Judas [...]

Dimitri the Lover is Back!

Do you remember Dimitri the Lover’s voice mail messages from last year?
It appears like that was just the tip of the iceberg!
Dimitri the Lover appears in a new documentary called “The Great Intoxication: An Exploration Into The World of Seduction” by Matthew Manuge…
…and he makes last years phone messages sound like tiddlywinks in comparison.
You can [...]

Love Systems Savoy and Braddock to appear on The Tyra Banks Show

Along with announcing the release of the new Routines Manual Vol. 2, at the end of my Interview with Love Systems Savoy yesterday I hinted that Savoy would be on an upcoming talk show with a host that annoyed me but I also wanted to bone…
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Love Systems Savoy on Australian TV Show Lawrence Leung’s Choose Your Own Adventure

Last week Savoy of Love Systems appeared on an Australian comedy show called Lawrence Leung’s Choose Your Own Adventure Show…
To quickly clue you in, Lawrence is a popular Australian comedian who reminisces about his childhood obsessions like 80s movies, 80s toys and breakdancing. The title “Choose Your Own Adventure” was actually a line of [...]