Bill Burr Claims Male Feminists Are Pathetic, Limp Dicks Trying To Get Pussy in His New Netflix “Paper Tiger” Special

If you’re new here, you will want to sign up for my newsletter to get FREE dating ebooks and mp3s along with exclusive seduction tips and videos. Thanks for visiting!Netflix creates some of the most polictically correct shows and movies there are. Then they put out stand-up specials where popular comedians [...]

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How TV & Movies Turned Men Into PUSSIES (*This* Film Is A Prime Example…)

Everyone in society wants to laugh at the guy who is not good with women. They call them “psychopaths” and imply that they must have Asperger syndrome. TV news shows and feminist blogs rip on guys who visit “pickup artist” sites like this one. They say that we’re all “creepy” for trying [...]

A Dirty & Funny Pickup Line For Guys (Video)

Pick up lines have always been more of a funny source of entertainment rather than an effective way of picking up women…
Here’s an infamous pick up line taken from one of the cheesiest movies ever made: Shark Attack 3…

The Famous “Mighty Wingman” Coors Light Commercial

Here’s a Coors Light commercial from 2003 called “Here’s to the Wingman”…
With the exception of Spuds MacKenzie and the Swedish Bikini Team, this is quite possibly the greatest beer commercial concept ever!

Please note that in Beer Commercial Land even the “grenades” that need to be hopped on are hot!!!
Beer commercials bring a tear to my [...]

Paul Janka’s new reality TV Show

Paul Janka is apparently involved in a new reality show.
I don’t know if it is directly “his” show or if he will just be one of several dating coaches with his own team…
Here’s some more info from one of his recent newsletters…
I’ve been selected to lead a team of guys for a new reality TV [...]