The Problem with Chick Flicks

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So I learned that women like to [...]

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Male versus Female Humor

This is part 2 of a 3-part post, please start with part 1: Women Love Napoleon Dynamite…
So I didn’t understand why women thought Napoleon Dynamite was hilarious so I searched for the differences between male and female humor and found some very interesting things.
Here’s an excerpt from an article called “Humour In Romance Writing“:
…Male humour [...]

Women Love Napoleon Dynamite

I hate multi-post articles but this one covered so much ground that I had to split it up into 3 pieces.
A few years ago every girl I knew was ecstatic about the movie Napoleon Dynamite.
They thought it was hilarious.
I ended up watching it and I found it rather dry and boring. I did appreciate [...]

The E*TRADE baby’s got phone game!

I found the E*TRADE Super Bowl baby commercials hilarious.
There’s a new one now where the baby is trying to tell how he trades stocks with his BlackBerry mobile but some girl relentlessly keeps emailing and calling him.

There is something about babies and kids that I find incredibly cute and hilarious.
I wish [...]

South Park is a worthwhile TV show

Let’s face it; the majority of the programs on TV are just a pacifier and a waste of time for you to watch.
There are a few shows I do respect though.
South Park is one of them.
Trey Parker and Matt Stone have balls. Not every episode is great but I find at least [...]