New site launch:

If you’re new here, you will want to sign up for my newsletter to get FREE dating ebooks and mp3s along with exclusive seduction tips and videos. Thanks for visiting!I have been launching a new site every week lately and most of them do not relate to seduction or dating so I [...]

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Sex and the City movie is sure to suck (audio)

I had Flamingo Kid call me a few weeks ago and we had a spontaneous recorded discussion to test my equipment, software and interviewing skills.
We were talking about highly anticipated upcoming summer movies when out of the blue he slammed me by saying that my most anticipated movie was sure to be “Sex [...]

Oprah is the queen of chick crack

The seduction community has helped me understand women. I now know why they do what they do.
I even understand why they watch chick flicks. The make-believe aspect of those movies make them feel good.
There is still one thing women love that I cannot seem to comprehend and that is…
When I talk [...]

My final conclusion from the Dr. Phil episode

There were some good comments left in my previous post about the Dr. Phil episode. They got me thinking and I came up with my final comment and conclusion from the whole Dr. Phil episode fiasco:
I don’t really care what others think of the seduction community.
In the past I’ve always taken the bait on [...]

Watch The Dr. Phil episode online

Here’s the episode, watch it while it is up:

My opinion is extremely positive. I agree that Dr. Phil was actually quite good. At times it seemed like even he was defending the seduction community to the crowd. I think there was more footage and that it was ‘cut’ and ’spinned’ in about [...]