Stephen Nash releases The Way Of The Natural

If you’re new here, you will want to sign up for my newsletter to get FREE dating ebooks and mp3s along with exclusive seduction tips and videos. Thanks for visiting!*Update* The Natural Attraction program and the recordings of the coaching sessions from The Way of the Natural are now available as Stephen’s [...]

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Brad P. Presents the 30/30 Club

I recently made a PUA Spotlight post about the dating, pickup and relationship coach Brad P PUA
Brad let me know he has started his “30/30 Club”.
It’s a 12 month self improvement program where you do a minimum of 30 approaches every 30 days.
You get several CDs and books from Brad, personalized coaching, and more.
I [...]

Hidden Mic Pickups just released by Christian Hudson

Christian Hudson is a social coach who recently worked with Mark Redman to create the successful Conquer Your Campus Training Manual.
He just contacted me to let me know that he launched a new site called “Hidden Mic Pickups“.
It features live, hidden mic audio of dates and pickups, along with analysis of the techniques and [...]

Love Systems release the Routines Manual

If you were intrigued by what Savoy and The Don of Love Systems/The Mystery Method had to say on the Dr. Phil Show episode, their recently released Routines Manual is probably the best product to get to learn more.
The book appears to answer the questions many have about routines including:
What is a routine?
Which routine should [...]

Conquer Your Campus Review and College Girls

Conquer Your Campus is a book written by Mark Redman that teaches guys who are in college how to pick up women. You can buy it here.
I had the following comment left on another post:
has anyone actually read Conquer Your Campus and can say whether it is worth it? im in college now and [...]