Do Only Tall Guys Get All The Women?

If you’re new here, you will want to sign up for my newsletter to get FREE dating ebooks and mp3s along with exclusive seduction tips and videos. Thanks for visiting!Here’s a quick article by dating and relationship expert Scot McKay about height and dating. Scot’s the author of Secrets To Success [...]

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How To Overcome the “Victim Mentality”

Are you a victim of the “Victim Mentality”?
Can you not get laid because you are too short? Too tall? Too bald? Too old? Not rich?
I get guys contacting me all the time with questions like “isn’t it true that women prefer tall guys?”
I used to spend a half hour writing a [...]

How To Become Accountable Personally For Your Dating Failures

Can you admit that YOU’RE the reason why you’re not getting laid?
…Or are you one of those guys who blames their height, age, friends or girls for their dating failures?
If you’re the latter of the two, you’ll NEVER get better!
One of my guilty pleasures is watching “Bar Rescue” on Spike TV…
It’s about a guy who [...]

Player Supreme’s Horrible “Starter Girlfriend” Example

Player Supreme is a dating and fitness coach who I’ve written about in the past. He advises that inexperienced guys should get themselves a “starter ho”.
First things first, I think it’s juvenile and detrimental to be using the word “ho” when giving advice to socially miscalibrated and anxiety-prone guys. I’ve talked in the [...]

Physical Attraction And Looks DO Matter (But They Can Be Compensated For)

Here’s some quick thoughts regarding looks for this Tuesday morning…
I see a lot of guys on YouTube whining about how women unfairly judge them solely based on looks…
Oh wah, cry me a frickin’ river!
Get out of your head for once and actually TALK to the girls…
Then they can judge you by more…
I have a friend [...]