7 Days To Online Dating Success

If you’re new here, you will want to sign up for my newsletter to get FREE dating ebooks and mp3s along with exclusive seduction tips and videos. Thanks for visiting!Tyler Tray, the guy behind the Ultimate Texting Guide, is releasing his 7 Days To Online Dating Success program…
Check it out here:
This program [...]

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David Wygant With A Little Perspective On Online Dating

Here’s dating coach David Wygant with his perspective on online dating…
How many of you have gone out there and really tried online dating? I’m talking about going on a site and really hitting it hard.
Do you know about the 80/20 rule in life? In life, 80% of the people fail and 20% of [...]

Twitter Pickup Routine: “Come Hither”

Here’s Derek Lamont with a Twitter pickup routine that he calls the “Come Hither” Routine. For those who don’t know, Derek’s the author of Online Pickup Secrets.
Even though I use Twitter, I still have reservations about it being a good place to pickup women. I also have reservations with this routine… especially the [...]

How To Get Her Phone Number Using Instant Messaging

Here’s Derek Lamont with a tip on how to escalate from instant messaging to the critical phone conversation when using online dating…
I see some holes in this routine’s logic (like most phones HAVE instant messaging now). On the other hand if it gets you the number, that’s all that matters…
Here’s a quick pickup routine [...]

Do Shirtless Online Profile Pictures Attract Women?

Here’s an article by Action Jackson, creator of the Matchbook Method program, on when it is acceptable to have pictures with your shirt off in your online dating and social networking profiles…
FACT: Survey after survey shows the body part that women vote sexiest and most desirable on men is the abs.
So how do you post [...]