Short Guy Dresses As Leprechaun & Kisses Random Girls

If you’re new here, you will want to sign up for my newsletter to get FREE dating ebooks and mp3s along with exclusive seduction tips and videos. Thanks for visiting!Last St. Patrick’s Day, pickup artist Boris Gotz AKA “Cupid Shmupid” wore a giant leprechaun hat and approached girls. He’s short, only [...]

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Use *THIS* Easy Icebreaker To Talk To ANY Woman (ABSURDLY Simple!)

Do you have problems breaking the ice with hot girls in the store? What should you say first to get the conversation going?
In this quick article, dating expert Vin DiCarlo gives you a simple icebreaker you can use the next time you’re out shopping.

Meeting women wherever you go isn’t hard at all, as long [...]

IOI’s (Indicators Of Interest) Definition - Examples Of What They Look Like…

“IOI’s” is a pickup artist term for any sign that a girl gives that she’s interested in you. “IOI” is an acronym for “Indicators Of Interest”.
If a girl gives you IOI’s, the probability of your approach being successful is incrementally higher. So looking for IOI’s increases your odds.
So what do IOI’s look like? [...]

2-Step Pill-Free Cure for Social Anxiety and Approach Anxiety

Do you get nervous around women? Do you feel anxious approaching girls? Do people refer to you as being “shy”?
If so, you MUST read this question and answer. I reveal how to eliminate social anxiety and approach anxiety FOR GOOD:
Let me get an opinion from you. I’m pretty shy but I have [...]

3 Quick Tips to Make Women Laugh

Women want men who can make them laugh…
Humor is something you can learn, no matter what age or height you are…
To get you started, here’s 3 quick tips to make women laugh:
1) Make a funny observation
Look at your surroundings and make a humorous comment on it. It could be about the venue, what someone [...]