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Peacocking Mentioned in Zac Efron’s “17 Again” Movie

I saw the Zac Efron movie “17 Again” this week. It dragged out too long and was very formulaic but it did have one cool part…
They had the guy who plays the gay cop on Reno 911! hitting on the hot actress who plays Jan on The Office. He wears an outfit that [...]

Mystery on Peacocking

Here’s a classic video of Mystery from a seminar back in the day discussing peacocking…

Did you catch the young Tyler Durden in this clip?
No matter how other gurus try to strategically market peacocking as “creepy”… the truth is that it WORKS…
Venusian Arts has since distanced themselves from the term “peacocking”, instead referring to it as [...]

Examples of Halloween Pick Up Artist Costumes that Attract Women

I love Halloween and lately I’ve been spending a lot of time running day game at the local costume shops.
While there I also make it a point to check out the costumes offered.
One thing I noticed is that most costumes for women are incredibly sexy and flattering while most costumes for men are [...]

Brad’s Fashion Bible review

The seasons are changing so I decided to go through my winter clothes from last season and laughed at what I saw…
I really needed some new fashionable clothes.
I decided before going shopping that this would be a good time to read Brad P.’s Fashion Bible.

Here’s the author’s overview on the products sales page:
* Do you [...]