Best First Texts To A Girl (& When To Text Her)

If you’re new here, you will want to sign up for my newsletter to get FREE dating ebooks and mp3s along with exclusive seduction tips and videos. Thanks for visiting!Here’s a video about the best first texts to send a girl and when to text her by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge. [...]

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How To Text Girls Using Mirroring Psychology

Back in the early PUA days, there was a concept called “mirroring”…
It meant to match your breathing, heartbeat and speaking to the rate of the girl you are talking to…
Like everything at the time, it was ripped off from a general psychology concept and poorly translated to the PUA community by either David Deangelo or [...]

The #1 Rule for Sending Texts and Online Dating Messages

My #1 rule when it comes to sending texts or online dating messages is…
Write them quick, keep them simple, and send them fast…
You’re not Dr. Dre making The Detox…
It doesn’t need to be an epic masterpiece that’s 20 years in the making…
It’s better to send a piece of shit message than never send one at [...]

How To Use ‘Inception’ When Texting Women

Here’s an article by Bobby Rio on how to use “Inception” to successfully text girls… and how to turn her on by using magnetic messaging…
Have you heard of ‘inception‘?
(yes, like the movie)
Do you know how to use it on women?
Every time you send a woman a text you have
an opportunity to plant a tiny idea [...]

Why Text Conversations With Girls Go Wrong

Here’s an article by Rob Judge on why women find lengthy text conversations boring… and how to turn her on by using magnetic messaging…
Most men use text messages DEAD WRONG.
And they make one of these three common mistakes:
1. Totally boring her (and even annoying her) by
sending dry, logical, and unoriginal texts.
2. Capture her [...]