How to block out and avoid being blocked out yourself

If you’re new here, you will want to sign up for my newsletter to get FREE dating ebooks and mp3s along with exclusive seduction tips and videos. Thanks for visiting!Lucky Charms is a reader who often leaves interesting comments. Here’s one that he left yesterday:
“…I saw what has to be the [...]

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Why I finally accept the term “pick up artist”

I never liked the term “pick up artist”.
I didn’t think it made us sound “sleazy” or anything. I just didn’t like the word “artist”.
I picture “artists” as hippies with paint brushes like Bob Ross.
I was watching a PBS nature program about sexual selection in nature. It was fascinating.
A lot of the [...]

START chasing women

When I entered the seduction community one of the points that I got hammered into my head was “stop chasing women.”
I even heard people suggest the idea that women should be chasing me instead.
When I was an AFC my problem wasn’t that I was chasing women but that I wasn’t chasing women. [...]

Invite your friends to be critical of you

I recommend asking your friends routinely for advice. In particular in regards to what they think you are doing wrong.
They know what your strengths are and they know what your weaknesses are. They’ll tell you your strengths but they often won’t tell you your weaknesses.
It isn’t because they are selfish or [...]

Don’t become a seduction junkie

David DeAngelo of Double Your Dating always warns people from becoming “conference junkies”. It is a powerful statement coming from someone who makes his money from conferences.
I’ve recommended some seduction products to my quickly learning wing “Flamingo Kid”. I gave him David D’s warning.
He said:
“Don’t worry, I only seek out material when I [...]