Older Men and Younger Women

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by Dean Cortez
I’ve been hanging out with a lot of [...]

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Secrets of Same Night Lays

This week a PUA named Adonis released a new product called The Charming Rogue Presents: Secrets of Same Night Lays book…
Lately I’ve heard several gurus like Sinn and Mehow talking about “same night lays”. Basically it just means having sex with a girl the first night you meet her.
The Secrets of Same Night Lays [...]

Dance Floor Game

Solace is a pickup instructor from the Dallas Lair who offers a wide range of affordable pickup bootcamps with his company Agile Social Skills…
In fact he has a 3-day bootcamp that starts tomorrow in Philadelphia that is only $500… Click here to learn more about it and his other bootcamps…
I’ve asked his to write some [...]

How to become a ladies man

By Cory Skyy
There are two things that separate guys that are ladies men from guys that are not: they think and they do things differently. It is that simple.
If you truly want to become a ladies man than you need to have an extremely clear picture of where you are going and what a ladies’ [...]

Matchbook Method

I recently found out about a Myspace/Facebook pickup product called the “Matchbook Method” by Action Jackson (AKA AJ)…
The Matchbook Method leverages the fact that 1 in 4 women use social networking. In addition the women skew toward the younger demographic and it’s free to use. On the other hand, online dating site are [...]