How To Talk To Women Online

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So… you’re on your favorite dating site… or maybe you’re on Facebook…
And there [...]

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Overview of Monthly Dating Subscription Programs For Men

Monthly subscription programs and membership sites are the big rage as of lately…
Almost every dating instructor or company has one.
Basically you get billed a monthly fee of $20-$100 and get exclusive access to audio, videos, forums, coaching and written materials.
The material is usually quite current and topical…
Some may loathe the idea of another monthly bill [...]

Love Systems Nick Savoy Interview

Here’s a quick interview with Savoy of Love Systems with some of his reactions and behind the scenes dirt regarding his recent appearance on the Australian TV show “Lawrence Leung’s Choose Your Own Adventure“.
Make sure you check out the video before you read the following interview…
Hopefully I’ll have a more extensive audio interview with him [...]

Overcoming Shyness Around Women

Here’s an article by David Wygant… make sure you check out his online community after you read it…
Do you consider yourself shy? Do you walk around and say to yourself “I wish I weren’t shy so I could approach people.”
When I hear someone label themselves as “shy,” I know they are limiting their opportunities to [...]

How To Ask A Girl For A Date by Carlos Xuma

This has to be one of the questions I hear most frequently from guys
It’s the most intimidating question a guy can ask a woman, and one that I get asked about regularly. It feels like such a risky proposition, putting yourself out there for a [...]