How Facebook Makes You MISERABLE..

If you’re new here, you will want to sign up for my newsletter to get FREE dating ebooks and mp3s along with exclusive seduction tips and videos. Thanks for visiting!Facebook can make you MISERABLE. So suggests a study from the University of Copenhagen.
According to this BBC article, excessive social media use [...]

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How To Get Into High-End EXCLUSIVE Night Clubs! (Tricks & Tips)

Want to get into high-end clubs? You know, night clubs that everyone wants to get into. But you can’t get past the snooty bouncers at the door. They’re often highly selective on who they open the velvet rope for.
It’s sometimes hard enough to get in if you’re a hot, young girl. [...]

How To Meet Girls In College

Want to meet girls in college? Dating coach Todd Valentine from Real Social Dynamics has some tips for you in this video.
Here’s Todd’s introduction for the video.
How to meet girls in college. It has to be the most common question I get asked because college is different than pickup, but it’s also such [...]

SNL’s Boy Dance Party - Guy’s “Shake That Sack!” (Video)

Tell me if this sounds familiar guys…
You go to a night club and start grinding on some hot girl on the dance floor… when one of her friends swoops in, pulls her away, and says “this is girl’s night out, NO BOYS!”
Well bros, it’s time for us to have our own “boy only” dance party. [...]

What Age Girls Should You Date?

I recently got a question on my Facebook page that said “what age group of girls should a guy approach?”
This is an easy question to answer. You ALWAYS make an effort to approach girls that you are most attracted to. The only exception is that they MUST obviously meet the age of consent [...]