How To Pickup Women In The Library

If you’re new here, you will want to sign up for my newsletter to get FREE dating ebooks and mp3s along with exclusive seduction tips and videos. Thanks for visiting!When I was going to UWEC the college library was the social mecca between 7-11pm Sunday through Wednesday. There was more socializing [...]

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Text Messaging Tips for Men

Tyler Tray is the author of The Ultimate Texting Guide for men. In it he teaches men how to send flirty text messages that attract women.
Here’s an article by him with some text messaging tips for men…
Texting is the greatest tool for men if they want to build attraction. Why is that?
Well, first [...]

Become A Leader To Attract Women

Mark Redman is the author of the report “The Truth About College Game” as well as the bestselling “Conquer Your Campus” Training Manual (check out my Conquer Your Campus review).
Here’s a short article on how becoming a leader attracts women…
Hey guys,
There’s a difference between the guy who jumps around acting drunk all night and the [...]

What Kanye West can teach you about getting girls by Mark Redman

Since Kanye West is released his new album this week called “808s & Heartbreak” I thought I’d make a motivational post by Mark Redman, author of The Truth About College Game and Conquer Your Campus, about a song off Kanye’s last album “Graduation“…
In the spirit of learning from hip hop singers, I want
you to check [...]

How To Pick Up Girls Without Spending A Lot of Money by Roosh

Roosh is the author of Roosh Bang. Here’s an article by him on how to go out and meet women on the cheap…
How To Pick Up Girls For Under $100 A Month by Roosh
When I had a job I’d spend over $500 a month to pick up girls in bars and clubs to take [...]