How to Have Your Best Night Ever by Mark Redman

If you’re new here, you will want to sign up for my newsletter to get FREE dating ebooks and mp3s along with exclusive seduction tips and videos. Thanks for visiting!Mark Redman is the author of the report “The Truth About College Game” as well as the bestselling “Conquer Your Campus” Training Manual [...]

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Conquer Your Campus now comes with a Nick Sparks Masters Program Interview

The college school year is off and running and soon it will be homecoming… then Halloween. These were the two biggest party days of the school year for me.
Why not get yourself ready by getting your copy of Conquer Your Campus? Check out my Conquer Your Campus review if you yet haven’t.
Mark Redman [...]

How to Turn a Friend into a Fuck Buddy

I’ve had guys ask me repeatedly which guru has the best advice about turning a female friend into a lover.
I couldn’t recall reading or hearing anything concrete about it. (UPDATE 2/26/10: for NEWER & BETTER info on turning a female friend into a lover, check out this article and this article and [...]

Conquer Your Campus Review and College Girls

Conquer Your Campus is a book written by Mark Redman that teaches guys who are in college how to pick up women. You can buy it here.
I had the following comment left on another post:
has anyone actually read Conquer Your Campus and can say whether it is worth it? im in college now and [...]

Conquer Your Campus is available again

Conquer Your Campus book has been so successful that it seems like it has been sold out more than it has been for sale in the past weeks. Mark Redman and Christian Hudson limited sales of it to just 500 copy runs so that they could handle the accompanied conference calls and feedback.
Now Conquer [...]