SNL’s Boy Dance Party - Guy’s “Shake That Sack!” (Video)

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You go to a night club and start grinding on some hot girl on the dance floor… [...]

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How to Pickup Girls at a Night Club (even when you’re Afraid to Dance)

Here’s an article by Brad P describing his dance floor method that can be used even if you don’t know how to dance…
Give these tips a try the next time you go to a night club…
PUA Dance Floor Method
by Brad P
I’ve noticed that most men have lots of fears about dancing. We’ve all felt [...]

Keith Apicary Goes to a Kimberly Cole Music Video Audition and Demonstrates His Insane Dance Floor Game

Keith Apicary is a “character” created and portrayed by comedian Nathan Barnatt…
Basically, Keith is a nerdy retro video game player who has an online show called “Talking Classics” that’s featured on Screw Attack and Viacom’s…
He’s obnoxious, he’s clueless, he’s hopelessly clumsy and he loves the Sega Dreamcast…
In real life, Nathan is sly [...]

How to Pick Up Hot & Sexy Women on the Dance Floor this Summer

Here’s an article by DRH. He’s an expert on how to pick up women on the dance floor….
With summer just around the corner, it’s time to sharpen our skills and learn how to pick up and seduce all those hot & sexy women on the dance floor. Here are some helpful tips:
This is [...]

3 Things to Avoid Doing on the Dance Floor

Here’s a quick article by DRH, author of How To Pick Up Women On The Dance Floor…
Here are my top 3 things to avoid doing on the dance floor.
#1. Not dancing and waiting for something to happen
If you don’t want to dance or are tired, leave the dance floor and
come back later. Dance floor game [...]