How To Get Into High-End EXCLUSIVE Night Clubs! (Tricks & Tips)

If you’re new here, you will want to sign up for my newsletter to get FREE dating ebooks and mp3s along with exclusive seduction tips and videos. Thanks for visiting!Want to get into high-end clubs? You know, night clubs that everyone wants to get into. But you can’t get past [...]

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Optimal Target Selection in a Night Club

Here’s the third and final part of Gunwitch’s article focused on night club game.
In this part he discusses target selection… It’s a bit long but I think it is well worth reading.
In part 1 I explained the basics of night club game and in part 2 I covered your state.
In part 3 naturally we [...]

How to use Body Language to Attract Women on the Dance Floor

Here’s Solace’s second article on the specifics of dance floor game (check out his first article about using kino escalation on the dance floor)…
When he sent me this article I downloaded the videos below and immediately started watching them…
I admit, at first I snickered at his fauxhawk …
…but once I got past that, I [...]

How To Control Your State In A Night Club

Here’s part 2 of Gunwitch’s article focused on night club game…
In this part he discusses how to control your state in such a chaotic environment.
In part 1, I covered the basics but the goal here is to get a FULL understanding of the advanced methodology of the club beyond these common volume (approach enough ya [...]

Secrets of Same Night Lays

This week a PUA named Adonis released a new product called The Charming Rogue Presents: Secrets of Same Night Lays book…
Lately I’ve heard several gurus like Sinn and Mehow talking about “same night lays”. Basically it just means having sex with a girl the first night you meet her.
The Secrets of Same Night Lays [...]