The David Wygant Thanksgiving Day Routine

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In the spirit of the holiday, here’s a video of David Wygant describing his Thanksgiving Day Routine…

That has got to [...]

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Is routine game officially dead?

While writing yesterday’s Venusian Arts Revelation Review I came up with my own revelation…
Routine game in the seduction community is like the Republican Party in Hollywood; nobody wants to admit that they are associated with it.
If you are an actor, it is cool to freely admit you are a Liberal. If you are a [...]

The History of Routine Game

One could say that routine game started in the late 90s with the many routines posted and discussed on the mASF forums…
Or one could argue that Ross Jeffries‘ teachings in the early 90s of verbal and NLP patterns to illicit emotional responses was the beginning of routine game…
For that matter, one could even argue that [...]

What is routine game - a definition

I thought I would kick off routine game week by properly defining routine based game.
Routine Game (Definition)
The use of scripted techniques to pick up women. These techniques are referred to as “canned”, which means that they were priorly conceived by yourself or by others. They can involve the use of verbal patterns, dialog [...]