Older Men and Younger Women

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by Dean Cortez
I’ve been hanging out with a lot of [...]

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How to Date Younger Women

I covered my personal experiences regarding using age as an excuse in the past…
Age was a major issue for me until I realized it was only a disadvantage because I made it one. In reality it is an advantage if you know how to say the right things and are comfortable about it.
Similarly, Dean [...]

Tips For Dating Younger Women

David DeAngelo, author of Double Your Dating, knows the secrets of how to date younger women…
Here’s an article with his tips…
Secrets For Dating Younger Women
by David DeAngelo
Ah, younger women.
It’s taken me a long time now to finally see clearly that the appeal of younger women is not just “slight”.
I recently read somewhere that [...]

How to become more successful with younger women

In the summer of 2006 I was probably at my worst. I got a OWI and realized I couldn’t drink and drive anymore and alcohol was my lone source of overcoming approach anxiety. On top of that my best wing was getting married.
I couldn’t get shit going socially in my life. [...]

You are not old, Larry King is old

Nothing bugs me more than hearing some guy in his twenties or thirties talk about how old he is. Quit shooting yourself in the foot and using it for an excuse.
When I was 21 I felt like I was old. I reached my last major milestone; I could buy alcohol and go to [...]