“Virtual Casting Call” for Season 2 of “The Pick Up Artist” at PickUpArtist2Casting.com

If you’re new here, you will want to sign up for my newsletter to get FREE dating ebooks and mp3s along with exclusive seduction tips and videos. Thanks for visiting!In addition to the traditional casting call made by 3Ball Productions that I mentioned earlier, there is also a “virtual casting call” put [...]

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VH1 Confirms a Season 2 of “The Pick Up Artist” on their blog

VH1 has officially confirmed a season 2 with a recent blog post on their site.
There is no mention on who his “wingmen” will be but it is confirmed that Mystery will be on the show (I know…duh).
Check out these other recent posts for more information on “The Pick Up Artist” and the show’s [...]

The Casting Call for “The Pick Up Artist” Season 2

I posted over a month ago that there would be a season 2 of VH1’s “The Pick Up Artist” and I still had doubters.
This casting call by 3Ball Production, the production company for the show, should put a nail in the coffin for those last remaining [...]

Joe Doyle is a host on Vlaze’s Get Women Today channel

Last Friday I made a post about Joe Doyle. This lead to Bobby Rio asking if any of the contestants from “The Pick Up Artist” ever went on to do anything.
Matt Savage followed up by mentioning that Joe D. has been making videos for Vlaze.com.
Vlaze.com is your basic MySpace clone. [...]

Joe D. pops up in the Portland State newspaper

Remember Joe Doyle from the first season of “The Pick Up Artist“? He was the heavier set University of Oregon grad who came in third on the show (he was the winner if you disqualify the two ringers).
Apparently he is living in California and mooching off the show like to be expected. He [...]